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1. Prof. Dr. Jacques Ginestié, ADEF, Aix-Marseille Université (France)

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Jacques Ginestié is full professor at Aix-Marseille University (AMU). He was dean of the faculty of education of the university since 2005 up to 2018. He is director of the laboratory EA 4671 ADEF (Learning, Education, Assessment, Training), one of the first French laboratory in education. He is also director of the federation of research units in education FED 4238 SFERE-Provence, who federates 18 laboratories of AMU around development and structuration of multidisciplinary research in education. He is the chair-holder of the UNESCO chair "Sciences & Technology Education and Teacher training". He is author or co-author of 49 scientific papers and 43 books or book chapters. He has been invited as expert by many university, over wordwide. 

2. Prof.Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer, University of Münster (Germany)

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Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer is professor and managing director at the Institute of Geography Didactics at the University of Münster. Her research interests include the acquisition of competencies. Her main focus is on competences in the field of ESD and their promotion both in universities and in schools. In addition to numerous research projects, she has been offering teacher training in these areas for many years. As Dean of Education, she is responsible for the quality of study programs and in particular the teacher education programs at the Faculty of Geoscience.

3. Prof. Dr. María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, (Spain)

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Professor María Pilar Jiménez-Aleixandre is Ad Honorem Professor of Science Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She is a national leader in science education in Spain, and throughout Europe and Latin America. Her research focuses on students' engagement in argumentation and epistemic practices, through classroom studies and longitudinal designs, and she has authored or co-authored over 50 papers in WOS indexed journals, and another 50 books or book chapters with high impact publishers. The impact of her work is evidenced by her high h-index of 32, with her pioneering argumentation paper receiving more than 1000 citations, as well as by being recipient in 2019 of the prestigious NARST Distinguished Contribution to Research Award. Her recent research explores the use of evidence by kindergarteners and the interface between critical thinking and argumentation on socio-scientific issues, such as food choices. Outside science education Marilar is an award-winning author of poetry, fiction and children's fiction and she has been recently elected for the Royal Galician Academy (RAG).

4. Prof. Lut De Jaegher Artevelde University College, Ghent (Belgium)

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Lut De Jaegher has a master degree in applied economics and as teacher trainer. She is currently working at the Artevelde University College in the teacher training department for secondary education. She is also researcher and project manager for the Erasmus+ projects De Facto (discommunication and fact checking in education) and ViVa (Entrepreneurship for the visually impaired students). Lut De Jaegher is lecturer ”intercultural communication” in the postgraduate programme“intercultural working and coaching” and „digital and social media literacy“ and „e-learning” in the teacher training department. Lut has experience with both international and national projects in diverse areas. Her expertise lies in projects related to innovative online learning, use of ict in education, intercultural communication strategies and intercultural communication. She’s presenter at international congresses as ATEE (Europe) and NAPDS (United States) and involved in consultancy concerning intercultural communication and trainings for the Life Long Learning department “Partners in Leren”.

5. Prof.Dr. Leticia Villarreal Sosa, Dominican University (USA)

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She is a professor of social work with a specialization in school social work and clinical social work. She also co-chair the international committee at our Graduate School of Social Work, where she work to develop long term and sustainable relationships with university and organization partners with a focus on student exchanges and faculty teaching exchanges and research collaborations. She writes and researches in the areas of school social work, international social work, immigration, Latinos, and education. She teaches classes in community based participatory research, advanced practice, diversity classes such as race and public policy, feminist practice, empowerment practice with Latinos, and immigrants and refugees, and international social work. She is currently doing psychotherapy with young people and families either.

6. Prof.Dr.  Martin Hayden, Southern Cross University (Australia)

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Martin Hayden is Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education at Southern Cross University. His principal area of teaching is in the Secondary program, where he is responsible for a foundation unit in Education Studies. His research interests are in the areas of higher education, concerning student participation, student finances and university governance. He joined the University in October 1993, when he was appointed Professor and Director of Teaching and Learning. In 2002, he moved to the School of Education and was Head of School until the end of 2005. From 1998 until 2002, he was Chair of the Academic Board and a member of the University Council. Prior to joining the University, he held a senior academic appointment at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

7. (Adjunct) Assoc. Prof.Dr. Sharon Parry, Southern Cross University (Australia)

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Sharon is an Associate Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education. She currently coordinates the Masters of Education Program and takes responsibility for the development of research in higher education in the School, and she leading the redevelopment of the MEd program. Sharon worked in research and development in higher education sfrom 1984, and has been at Southern Cross since 1993. Prior to her appointment to the School of Educaton, she was the Director, Teaching and Learning Centre at Southern Cross University, and inaugural president of the Council of Australian Directors Acadmeic Development. Her current research concerns the relationship between epistemological foundations of academic culture and the influence of those upon knowledge making and reporting. Her empirical research fields are research degree supervision, educational program evaluation, discipline-specific writing, student assessment, academic standards and their maintenence and advancement and the nature of academic work.

8. Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs, Georg Eckert Institute (Germany)

Eckhardt Fuchs is Director of the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research and Professor for History of Education/Comparative Education at the Technical University Braunschweig. He has worked in a variety of academic institutions and served as a visiting professor in Sydney, Umeå, Tokyo, and Seoul. His research interests include the global history of modern education, international education policies and textbook development. He has published ten books and more than 100 articles and chapters on these issues including The Palgrave Handbook of Textbook Studies (2018), Textbooks and War. Historical and Multinational Perspectives (2018), Connecting Histories of Education: Transactions, Transculturalism and Transnationalism (2014) and Transnationalizing the History of Education (2012). He served as president of ISCHE from 2012 to 2015.

9. Prof. Dr. Chun-Yen Chang, National Taiwan Normal University

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Chun-Yen Chang serves as National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Chair Professor, Director of Science Education Center (NTNU), Professor of the Graduate Institute of Science Education and the Department of Earth Sciences (NTNU). Over the past few years, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Taipei Medical University, The Education University of Hong Kong, and the Paris 8 University. Dr. Chang’s major research interests include science education, e-Learning, interdisciplinary science learning and science communication.

10. Prof. Dr. Yvonne Pratt-Johnson, St. John's University (USA)

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Professor of TESOL and Assistant Department Chair of the Department of Human Services and Counseling in STJ’s School of Education. A Professor for over thirty years, she earned the Ed.D. from Columbia University in Spanish Education and TESOL and an M.S. in Spanish Linguistics from Georgetown University. She taught both undergraduate and graduate students at the City University of New York for many years and has extensive teacher training experience. Prof. Pratt-Johnson has been a recipient of grants for literacy development and teaching language minority students and has authored a book and several articles and book chapters in the areas of the education of second language learners, linguistic and cultural competence/responsiveness in the classroom, and teacher sensitivity. She has also presented at international and national conferences on second language learners. In addition, Dr. Pratt-Johnson has experience in curriculum writing and development and is responsible for writing linguistic and language courses at STJ and the City University of New York. Dr. Pratt-Johnson has lived and studied in both Italy and Spain and has traveled throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

11. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sandra Milligan, University of Melbourne (Australia)

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Sandra Milligan is Director and Principal Fellow of the Assessment Research Centre at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. Sandra’s current research interests focus on assessment, micro-credentialing and warranting of hard-to-assess learning. Her most recent award-winning research examined opportunities for use of ‘big data’ and developmental assessment approaches on digital learning platforms, to support assessment of higher-order learning skills. The skills, including so called ‘21st Century skills’, or learning skills, have hitherto been difficult for classroom teachers to assess. Sandra has an unusually wide engagement with the education industry, and in educational research. Originally a teacher of science and mathematics, she is also a former Director of Curriculum in an Australian state education department, and has held senior research, management and governance positions in a range of educational organisations, including government agencies, not-for-profits, small start-up businesses and large, listed, international corporations. She was co-founder of The Good Universities Guide series, and has a background in technology commercialisation in education. She is the Convenor of a Melbourne University MOOC targeting professional learning for teachers in the area of assessment and teaching of 21C skills, which has to date has enrolled over 30,000 teachers worldwide.  

12. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chatree Faikhamta, Kasetsart University, Thailand

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Chatree Faikhamta is an Associate Professor at Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University, Thailand. He has taught a full range of undergraduate and graduate courses in science education such as chemistry methods course, research design in science education, science teacher professional development, etc. His research areas focus on pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), STEM education, self-study research and action research. He directed the nationally funded Developing PCK-based professional development program for prospective science teachers and their school supervisors. Chatree is involved in collaborative research in many countries such as Canada, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. 

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